This is a list of the major press coverage received by StreetAdvisor. Please note that some articles are not hot-linked because some sites do not provide access all their articles in perpetuity.

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Aussie Bloggers Buying houses in Australia
CNet 5 services to help you buy a house
Mad Man Local is Fkn Hrd
Following Aussie Startups and Tech Trends StreetAdvisor – Your Street, Your Voice
Web 2.0 Blog Going Somewhere? Read a Review First
Redfin San Francisco A Worldly Road Test of a New Real-Estate Website StreetAdvisor Rates Your Street StreetAdvisor adds Street View to neighbourhood ratings site
San Francisco Chronicle Tight market a big topic at real estate show
TechNation Australia StreetAdvisor presents new features
1000Watt Consulting Real estate web 2.0
Zoomf StreetAdvisor for the UK? Yes please!
The San Diego Union-Tribune Front Porch: news and notes about real estate
PC Magazine The best real estate websites
WebWare Moving 2.0: More than 30 services to help you relocate
Anthill StreetAdvisor: website of the week
MSNBC High-speed house hunting: 18 best real estate sites
Yahoo Finance (provided by Boosting your home’s value in a down market
FHM Magazine How to buy a house
The State Is your street on the ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ list?
The San Diego Union-Tribune Neighbor dissing neighbor is a big hit on the Internet
The Wall St Journal Online sleuthing for home buyers
Rave About It (Blog) to partner with
The Seattle Times Sites allow users to talk real estate
San Jose Mercury News Real estate sites fostering online social interaction
A Current Affair (Australian Television) Making all the right moves
ANZ Bank Home Essentials newsletter Finding a property
The Age Honest real estate advice that is right up your street
AOL Real Estate Sites to help get your house sold
Frostfire Frostfire meets up with the CEO of the highly ambitious
The Georgie Mortgage Cicerone A website made just for your street
Tahoe The Inman Conference – conquering the social media universe
WebHomeUSA StreetAdvisor, the Yelp of real estate? Zillow,the Google of real estate?
Technology News Daily StreetAdvisor extends local real estate reviews community
ReviewSaurus StreetAdvisor: find the right street for your new house!
MarketingVox StreetAdvisor gets facelift, adds ‘run-of-street’ advertising
Office 2.0
StreetAdvisor – find out what people say about your neighborhood
Social Media StreetAdvisor: tell the world about your street
Somewhat Frank StreetAdvisor a street level local guide
Downloadsquad Choose where to call home with the help of StreetAdvisor
TechCrunch StreetAdvisor launches new services
Mashable StreetAdvisor extends local real estate reviews community
CNN Money Information exchange – StreetAdvisor
Praized blog StreetAdvisor: A new hyperlocal site
TechCrunch Take neighborhood gossip to a whole new level
Ars Technica StreetAdvisor offers neighborly networking, street reviews
Mashable StreetAdvisor brings power to the neighborhood people
StartupSquad Finally someone gets local+housing reviews right
VentureBeat StreetAdvisor, offering user-generated street reputations
WebWare StreetAdvisor, the social network for the street where you live
GigaOM Bringing local down to the street level