StreetView goes live on StreetAdvisor New Zealand

In June 2008 StreetAdvisor added Google’s Streetview to our US street and city map views, making it easier and much more fun to browse your favorite places. In August 2008 StreetAdvisor was the first Australian site to add StreetView to its services.

Now Google has added StreetView for New Zealand, and once again StreetAdvisor has incorporated StreetView into its maps. Now you can browse the streets of New Zealand, find your home town or a loved holiday or vacation destination and write reviews and post forum topics about them. Seeing the streets on the screen is a great way to remind yourself of all the stories you could share about places you know.

To start with, look at Quay Street, Auckland (StreetScore 54.00) and browse the map to activate StreetView. We think you’ll like what you see. Come and join us in StreetView at today!

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