StreetAdvisor at Microsoft Tech.Ed Australia and New Zealand

Once a year, Microsoft holds a huge conference called Tech.Ed (Australia and New Zealand) for geeks to learn how to be even smarter geeks – and I love it!

This year, I was asked if I wanted to demo StreetAdvisor in their keynote presentation with some new code tweaks. Such an opportunity is rarely offered so I couldn’t refuse! I went to Auckland (CityScore 74.81) and Sydney (CityScore 71.91) to speak during the conference opening keynote session.

With the help of Dr. Neil Roodyn, who did all the hard work, we presented StreetAdvisor to the audience with some cool Microsoft building-block technologies:

  • Live Authentication (using Live ID)
  • Live Presence (using the Status control)
  • Live Messenger (using the Live Messenger Chat control)
  • Live Virtual Earth (using the Live Map control)

The main objective was to show how you can enhance a website with some of
Microsoft’s Live Services building-block technologies in little to no
time at all. All up, it took us a day or so to implement these into the
current StreetAdvisor code base.

I felt very chuffed and humbled seeing StreetAdvisor on the
huge projectors and Dr. Neil starting up a Live-Communicator chat
session with a StreetAdvisor ‘Expert’.

Expect to see some of these
features appear in StreetAdvisor in the near future.

Top image courtesy of Microsoft Tech.Ed NZ.

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