announces iPod® sweepstakes winners for neighborhood street reviews

World’s first online community sharing real life street reviews reveals winners of its online street review sweepstakes.

SAN FRANCISCO – June 26, 2007 — today announced the winners of its online street review sweepstakes.  StreetAdvisor is an online community where homeowners, renters, and buyers can share and learn about quality of life on specific streets, along with the nuances, services and details known only by those who have lived there.

For providing with personal opinions and perspectives on what it’s like to live on specific streets, the following group of people won one of 60 iPod® digital music players. To enter, residents only needed to log on to, review their street, and then enter the sweepstakes.  The following group of 60 people who entered in the sweepstakes were chosen at random to win an Apple iPod.

Ernest Alleva, John Altice, Doug Bishop, Mary Bishop, Berry Blanton, Raylene Brown, Janice Budd, Reine Bullard, Gil Burgess, Molly Capel, Joni Chadwell, Rob Chamberlain, Kimberly Colville, Eva Daniell, Roberta DiMaggio, Tim Edgren, Sam Eskenazi, Crystal Faulkner, Joe Fernandez, Bobbye Fussell, Julian Gonzalez, Christina Gould, Nancy Govero, Robert Harris, Sara Hauser, Dayna Helfgott, Michael Horn, Gail Hotchkiss, Karen Hurst, Tracy Iglesias, Eric ilasenko, Julie Johnson, Sonny Klamerus, Tiffany Lane, Brendan Lecuyer, Valerie Mabrey, Stacey Maniaci, DaLinda Mefford, Addrienne Mertens, Patricia Moneta, Michele Pineda, Ashok Pramanik, Kyle Raine, Zack Rhoades, Sylvia Rozwadowska, Arlene Saake, Thomas Schmitt, Brad Short, David Siegel, Susan Smith, Laurie Steiner, Lisa Titus, Julie Tomlinson, Lee Travis-Scaglia, T Tucker, Alice Vierth, Tangerine Washington, Debra Wexler, Brittney Wilson, Chad Woodford, Adam Younker.

“This sweepstakes was a great way to entice users to focus on creating honest and insightful reviews of their street and their neighborhoods,” said Jason Spencer, CEO of “We will continue to provide our users with fun, exciting incentives, as our traffic and product expands.”

Unlike other sites, it is the easiest way to find out what people really think about where they live and where others might be looking to live.  It is an entirely new kind of online real estate community, providing a real-life ‘insider’ view. StreetAdvisor is the essential guidebook to finding the right street, written by the people who have lived there.

Consumers can learn and share vital details including noise levels, traffic, neighbors, entertainment and public services, etc. in a way that wasn’t previously available. It also allows for firsthand recommendations and negative experiences about local businesses, entertainment, services, lifestyle, and back road gems unbeknownst to outsiders.

Each person can rank the streets where they live,lived or visited. This contributes to the overall StreetScore city ranking, which is displayed for each street. In addition, the ‘StreetBoard’ provides a place where residents can communicate with their neighbors. StreetAdvisor is also integrating video for people to post videos taken on their street, from house parties, local parks, to a lovely walk on a Sunday afternoon.


Founded in 2007 by Jason Spencer and Adam Spencer, helps people learn more about their communities while helping others make better decisions about where they choose to live. The site will evolve to include additional services to facilitate online conversations at the street level, while creating a forum where professionals and consumers can participate in bringing their street and neighborhoods online, in a public forum.

The company has representatives in San Francisco and Australia. For more information, contact

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Apple is not a participant or sponsor of this promotion.  iPod® is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. All rights reserved.


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